Improve Long Term Sales By Being Memorable

Most of the time when potential customers meet you, they are not yet ready to buy. Maybe don’t have the money. Maybe they just don’t have a need right now. Or maybe they’re just too busy at the moment. The key to making the sale is being on their mind when they are ready.

Being Authentic => Being Memorable

A few years ago, I realized that people tended to remember who I am after meeting me only briefly. Most of the time, I’m dressed out in my biker gear with a Buff on my head to hide my helmet hair. I’m kinda stocky and butch, so I don’t blend in with the more feminine crowd. I also have a unique name. In short, I make an impression.

Being memorable wasn’t deliberate. It was just a beneficial side effect of being authentic. A long time ago, I reached a point in my life that I didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought of me. So I live in a way that feels most right to me and allows me to best channel my uniqueness.

Of course, if you’re going to be a business owner who doesn’t carry what people think of you, you damn well better be able to deliver the goods and have some really likeable qualities. Otherwise, you just drive everyone away including potential customers.

For me, being my authentic self means I drive away people who don’t get me even as I attract the people that do. Haters, cheats and bullies don’t find me all that attractive. After all, I’m a transgender lesbian biker chick whose not afraid to speak her mind on issues of standing up for the oppressed. But open-minded people find my honesty, forthright attitude and compassion a reason to join with me. They know I can be trusted to do the right thing.

Tips on Being Memorable

Take Up A Cool Hobby

You know that bucket list? Pick one item on the list and turn it into a hobby. Learn to fly a glider. Learn to cook Thai food. Take up backpacking or riding a motorcycle. Start a band at the age of 50. Discover a new passion and pursue it.

Become an Extraordinary Giver

Be the first person you know to donate a kidney to a stranger (yes, you can do that). Volunteer at food bank (and not just during the holidays). Find a cool campaign on Kickstarter or Indie-Go-Go and go above and beyond to make it successful.

Take a Genuine Interest in Other People

It’s counterintuitive, but engaging people in conversation and keeping the topic on things they are passionate about creates strong positive memories in their mind about you.

Their brains create a connection between the positive feelings associated with their passion and the conversation they had with you. Bottom line, you become memorable. Weird, huh?

Don’t Always Run with the Pack

If you’re a business owner, you can only run with the pack so long. You have to find ways to make yourself stand out and be noticed over your competition. Be the best person you can be and let your light shine.

So when a potential customer finally realizes they need what you’re selling, they will remember you and give your their business.

As they told me in Alcoholics Anonymous, “What other people think of you is none of your business.” Just don’t be a dirtbag!

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