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  • qcounselscreenshot

    Q Counseling

    Dr. Michael Peck wanted something engaging and innovative to promote his counseling practice, a website that embodied his slogan of “Live Fully, Completely, Passionately”.

    I created a website that provides a little animation, while providing vital information in an easy-to-find/easy-to-read format.

    You can visit the site at http://qcounseling.com.

  • tigers under my bed screenshot

    Tigers Under My Bed

    This website was designed for author Robert Scanlan to help promote his memoir Tigers Under My Bed. Robert used the symbol of tigers under one’s bed to convey the challenges he faced as a triple organ transplant recipient.

    Visit the site at http://tigersundermybed.com.

  • clutterscreenshot

    Clutter Chick

    Professional organizer Dana Bjornsen wanted an innovative website to help demonstrate to potential clients how much more useable and accessible their living and work spaces can be by hiring her company Clutter Chick.

    We created a site that shows before and after photos of clients’ spaces, and incorporated an innovative corner navigation bar and a feed of her company’s latest tips on Facebook.

    Explore the site at http://clutter-chick.com.

  • avondalehealthtechcorridor

    City of Avondale’s Health Tech Corridor

    The City of Avondale, Arizona is focusing on attracting healthcare and health-tech businesses. We created an interactive site that allows those looking to relocate their medical offices (and related businesses) to search through the available properties in the corridor and find out more information on each one.

    We created a variation of the main City of Avondale logo and used the colors from the logo in the site.

    Visit the live site at http://avondalehealthtechcorridor.org.


  • screenshot of desertspeechservices.com

    Desert Speech Services

    Stacie Stewart of Desert Speech Services works with children with speech and language difficulties. Our goal was to create a website that let parents know that Desert Speech Services was a safe and inviting place for working on these challenges.

    To accomplish this, we created a number of illustrations to give it a fun, kid-friendly feel. For headings, we used the Gorditas web font.

    In development, we created a horizontal parallax effect with all of the content on one page that is easily navigable.

    The site is also responsive width, so it configures the elements based on screen width of the device used to view it.

  • roswisemanscreenshot

    Rosalind Wiseman

    Serendipity Creative hired ZenPunk to build a website for author and speaker Rosalind Wiseman, based on the design they had created.

    Each page of this project required custom programming, including numerous database queries. This allowed for a more interactive user experience, allowing visitors to purchase books, while choosing from a number of vendors. We also created several custom sliders, video lists and pulled in tweets via the updated Twitter API.

    The result is a website that is both cleanly designed, but packed with information easily accessible.

  • airscreenshot

    A.I.R., Inc.

    Pixel Farmers hired ZenPunk to built an internal site for Architecture Infrastructure Research, Inc.’s clients.

    We created a site that pulled up project information (photographs, contractor details, etc.) based on the login used. Creating custom fields allows clients to enter information without risking the structure of each page.

  • ideahousescreenshot


    Graphic designer Marie Jones of Ideahouse is very skilled at creating beautiful images, but she needed our help to turn her mockup into a functional, minimalist website.

    For the home page, her design entailed a simple four-by-three block of image buttons that would serve as the site navigation menu. We added the functionality that would change the opacity of each image when hovered over and display a caption, explaining what that button linked to.

    The project pages of her portfolio consisted of four quadrants, each filled with either images or text about the given project. We added custom fields that helped allow Marie to update the site without worrying about destroying the structure of the page.

  • thoughtfulscreenshot

    Thoughtful Development

    Residential architect builder Thoughtful Development specializes in revitalizing old homes.

    Serendipity Creative hired ZenPunk Web Works to build a new site for them that allowed for an interactive user experience.

    We used a combination of CSS and jQuery hover effects to give visitors an easy-to-navigate, comprehensive view of before and after photos of each of their projects.

  • Peace in the City

    Peace in the City

    The previous version of Peace in the City’s website was basically just a blog that lacked proper styling. While the content of the blog was excellent, Peace in the City needed a more comprehensive web presence.

    Another challenge was providing the new site with a more intuitive organizational structure so that visitors could easily find what they were looking for.

    We chose to go with a white background with dark green accents and created a JavaScript animation banner that randomly displays inspirational words in a loop.

    In the footer, we created a four-column widgetized sidebar and a section that lists the latest blog posts by category.

  • TXLC Custom Tile Murals

    TXLC Custom Tile Murals

    TXLC Custom Tile Murals is a company that prints licensed works of art onto ceramic, stone and glass tiles to create beautiful murals for walls, bathrooms, floors, etc. They also print these images on a number of related products.

    Their existing site was an outdated collection of hard-coded HTML pages that allowed customers to purchase only a small portion of their products online. The goal was to update the site with modern code and add the flexibility to allow customers to purchase any products online (including choosing tile size, dimensions, and material) and calculating the price on the fly.

    To accomplish this, I created a custom post type for the art gallery and coded a complex JavaScript app that added the needed flexibility to the online ordering process. And now, because the site is now data-driven via the WordPress Content Management System, adding or removing artwork is a snap.

  • ReAwaken


    ReAwaken is an organization focused on helping women rebuild their lives. Director Jarrett Ransom asked me to create a website (including a new logo) that embodies the spiritual, but not religious nature of the organization without looking like every other women’s spiritual website. Also, the site needed to be able to take reservations and payments.

    ReAwaken centers on renewal, and so my mind immediately went to springtime. The green and purple color scheme is very springlike. To avoid overwhelming visitors with these colors, I added a dark, grungy background for contrast. Visitors’ eyes will naturally be drawn to the brighter, more cheerful color.

    For the logo, I took the silhouettes of four women of different racial/ethnic backgrounds and combined them to convey that the retreat is open to all kinds of women.

    The big tasks were handling reservations and payments. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I helped Jarrett get set up with EventBrite, an event management service that works well with PayPal. For guests wanting to pay offline, we created a downloadable pdf reservation form that can be filled out and mailed in with a check.

  • brokinartscreenshot

    Brokin Art

    Brokin Art (AKA artist Kelly Etchason) has a wonderfully dark sense of humor and expresses it in her work. We decided to create a website with the same love of the macabre.

    The site also required some additional functionality – namely an e-commerce-enabled gallery (for displaying and selling paintings and prints) and an events calendar.

    To make the gallery functional, we created a custom post type combined with custom fields, which allowed Brokin Art to select which options (original & various print sizes) are available and the details of each.

  • kitchenshamanscreenshot

    Kitchen Shaman


    The Kitchen Shaman is a chef who combines New Age spirituality with vegetarian/vegan cooking to make food that is as nourishing to the soul as it is to the body.

    She needed a banner/logo that reflected both her spiritual perspective and her love of fresh, local (the American Southwest) ingredients.

    A popular symbol in New Age spirituality is the spiral/labyrinth. It represents the journey inward as well as the mystery of life. I combined this with the flame, the colors of the Southwest and a collection of photos of local produce including papaya, squash blossoms, chayote, and prickly pear.

  • pariahwearscreenshot

    Pariah Wear


    Pariah Wear, a maker of alternative clothing, needed a logo that reflected their product line and appealed to their clientele.

  • Other Projects

    We have worked on quite a few projects over the years including the following:

    • A-I-R, Inc.
    • Geiger & Son
    • Every Feather
    • Clear Creek
    • The Lesbian Question
    • Mechnicality, Inc.
    • Does This Ponytail Make My Butt Look Big
    • Uganda Community School Project
    • Robbins & Curtin
    • Shop the Scarlet Leopard